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Dear Future Business Owner,

Imagine waking up every day knowing you own a profitable business, supported by a developed brand, that allows you to have the freedom that you've always dreamed of.

Now imagine you have all of that without having to start from scratch.

The insulation industry is growing year after year, and it's primed for the presence of innovative, efficient solutions.

Great news: High Country's spray foam services are top-of-the-line and proven to meet the needs of their customers, AND their brand already maintains a strong presence in their industry. That means this dream business scenario becomes your exciting reality when you franchise with High Country Solutions!

Curious? We can't wait to tell you more.

About Us

Mission & Vision

Established in 2018, High Country Solutions has developed a system to provide customer with up-to-date knowledge and solutions for their insulation and coating needs. Their success has been built on the foundation of values like accountability and superior performance.

When you franchise with HCS, you'll benefit from their solid foundation, through experiencing access to:

  • Partnerships with leading foam companies, such as Profoam

  • Well-developed solutions and customer support systems

  • The newest and most efficient solution in the coating and insulation industry

Join us in building a more efficient America.

Why Partner with HCS?

Established brand & marketing

Flexible ownership options

Master territory & single unit availability

Comprehensive training & support

Operational excellence & innovation

Distinct competitive advantage

Our Services

HCS Franchise's target market is high-end commercial and residential building owners. Through the variety of services we provide, we're confident in the foundation we've established to meet our communities' needs. This is why spray foam and coating solutions are becoming the most valuable trade in the construction industry!

How It Works

Next Steps - Join the HCS Team!

You can begin exploring our franchisee opportunities in just a few simple steps:

  • Hit the button and complete the qualification survey

  • Book your call to speak with a franchising expert and determine if you're a good fit

  • Complete an official Request for Consideration form

  • Receive your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and be awarded your HCS franchise!

We're excited to explore this franchising opportunity with you. Reach out today!

How It Works

Why Franchise?

Cost Effective & Profitable

Low Startup Costs

Franchising with High Country Solutions lowers the financial barrier to entry, making it easier than ever for you to get involved in the franchise and insulation services worlds. High Country locations are easier to start and scale, with a reasonable financial investment that makes sense for you.

Quickly Profitable

Through the expertise of High Country and your team of franchising specialists, your franchising opportunity is turnkey. With endeavors like branding, marketing, and the franchising process taken care of by experts, profitability comes more quickly.

Established Brand & Marketing

Engaging Marketing Strategies

High Country has implemented reliable marketing practices that effectively capture and retain a dedicated customer base, and you'll have access to it all. Established brand recognition means you'll draw attention in any market.

Established Brand Recognition

Leverage the strong nature of the established High Country brand, and the recognition that comes with it. We're great at connecting with homeowners looking to improve the health of their home through insulation services - your dream clients!

Flexible Ownership & Robust Support

Extensive Training & Support

New to franchising? No worries! You'll be set up for success with our comprehensive training programs and ongoing support from our experienced franchise advisory board.

Management On Your Own Terms

Franchising a High Country location is perfect for investors who want to own a business without the day-to-day operational responsibilities. Our franchising opportunities allow for a more flexible lifestyle, so you can manage on your terms.

Exclusive Opportunities

Single Units & Master Territories Available

Looking to stay local? You're in the right place. Single Unit ownership is the perfect choice for you, and enables you to impact your community. Looking to scale? You're still in the right place! Master Territories offer the potential to manage broader areas, setting you up for substantial growth and influence within the franchise system.

Lead the Market Expansion

Should you choose to become a master territory franchisee, you'll lead the expansion efforts in new regions, establishing a foothold in markets that would thrive with the addition of the innovative spray foam services High Country provides. Our team of franchising experts will guide you through the growth.

What's Next?

Discover Your Future With HCS Today

Find your opportunity match, speak with a franchising expert, and explore what your future as a franchising professional has in store.

Take the Survey

First, we need to get to know you...

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What HCS Customers Say About Us

95% customer satisfaction based on Google and Home Advisor reviews.

Very professional and accommodating. Would highly recommend High Country Solutions. The right choice for the job. I wouldn't hesitate to have this company back again, and will recommend to family and friends.

  • James B.

Awesome product!! Very professional and clean! so Happy with my home.

  • Jenna A.

These guys are amazing. They know what they're doing, for sure. What a great crew!

I'm so impressed with what they did!.. from start to finish. My house is amazing, 12 months out of the year.

  • Jerry C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical revenue of an HCS location?

Our flagship location in Wyoming generates an average of $120,000 per month* using a two- to three-man crew. Keep in mind that we don't guarantee profits at any location, but are confident that High Country Solutions is established, successful, and the perfect franchising opportunity for you!

*This references item 19 in the current single-unit Franchise Disclosure Document.

What is the franchise investment, and what are the royalty fees?

The franchising fee for a single unit is currently $85,000 with an 8.5% royalty. The total investment per unit (including the franchising fee) is approximately $280K+. You can get more specific details about the franchising structure by scheduling your call with a franchising expert on this page!

Do I need to have experience in the spray foam industry to become a franchisee?

No insulation experience is required to franchise an HCS location. Our ideal franchisee has good people skills, the ability to follow a proven system, a positive attitude, and the proper and relevant financial qualifications.

As a franchisee of HCS, what are my responsibilities?

Your responsibilities as a franchisee and owner of a High Country Solutions location would be to pay the franchise fees and ongoing royalties, expand your building science knowledge through ongoing CE requirements, and dedicate your time, effort, and focus to the success of the business.

What are HCS's responsibilities as the franchisor?

As the franchisor, High Country Solutions is responsible for granting the franchise area to our franchisees, providing an operational manual, providing training and ongoing support, protecting the High Country Solutions brand through our expansion, and continuing to improve our systems for the sake of our customers and franchisees.

How much of a time commitment is it to own a franchise?

Being involved in any successful business takes some time and focus from each team member, no matter their role. That being said, our franchising opportunities allow for a more flexible lifestyle, so you can manage on your own terms. Speaking with a franchising expert is a great way to get more information on what this process will look like for you!

Make your community more efficient today!

Curious about the secret to successful franchising (and improving the homeowner experience)? Learn more about how High Country Solutions can change your life.

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